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Raising a Doberman with Kids: The Experts are WRONG!

KaiserJan 2, Agree x 1 Funny x 1. I have been paying close attention to this lately and have not noted any trembling. He is now 6 months old, so I guess we can chalk it up to puppy nerves. Ddski5Mar 2, Like x 4. Glad it has gotten better! I guess I didn't look to see when this thread was started. I know I shared this in another thread in the recent past, but my previous Doberman had hindquarters that would shake sometimes.

It was not just when coiled up like a spring thanks Judas Priest and on alert, or locked in a prey-stare or anything. When I went to potentially buy him, and to meet his sire and dam I noticed the hind-end tremor in the sire. I inquired. The sire's owner, a highly educated person, and the dam's owner and the breeder who is a vet, said they didn't know the cause but it wasn't a big deal.

So my boy lived to be about 8 and died of bloat but no ill effects from the mild occasional hind shaking. So it's not always nerves; but maybe nerves or amped up energy or being "on" for something is probably more common for sure.

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judals doberman

El surco frontal es visible. El hueso occipital no debe ser demasiado notorio. Vistos desde arriba y de frente los lados de la cabeza no deben ser muy abultados.

La apertura bucal debe llegar casi hasta los molares. Las comisuras poseen pelo. Compacto y musculoso. CUERPO: Cruz : Debe sobresalir en altura y longitud, principalmente en machos, de manera que la espalda muestre una trayectoria ascendente desde la grupa. Espalda : Corta, dura,ancha y bien musculada. Bien ancha, con una fuerte musculatura.

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Pecho : La longitud y profundidad del pecho debe estar relacionada con la longitud del tronco, de manera que la profundidad del pecho con costillas ligeramente abultadas se aproxima a la mitad de la altura de la cruz. El pecho tiene buena anchura y es muy notorio adelante antepecho.

Codos : Bien pegados al cuerpo, sin verse torcidos hacia afuera. Antebrazo : Fuerte y recto, de buena musculatura. Pies delanteros : Cortos y cerrados. Muslos : Bien anchos y largos, con fuerte musculatura. Corvejones : Medianamente fuertes, paralelos. Tarso : Corto y perpendicular al suelo.

judals doberman

Movimiento : Tiene una especial importancia tanto para su capacidad al trabajo como para su apariencia.

Los miembros posteriores dan el empuje fuerte y necesario, logrando buena distancia. El miembro anterior de un lado, y el posterior del otro lado se dirigen hacia adelante al mismo tiempo.

Buena rigidez en espalda y articulaciones. No se permite lanilla interna. Stop muy notorio o casi inadvertible. Nariz de borrego. Vientre poco o demasiado recogido.

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Al estar en pie, mantener la patas muy juntas o muy separadas; extremidades de vaca o abarriladas. Las marcas del pecho casi imperceptibles o demasiado grandes. Grandes remolinos en el cuerpo, lanilla interna visible.

Perros nerviosos o exageradamente agresivos. COM La Comunidad de perros! Grupo FCI. Perros Doberman en nuestra comunidad. El Re: Fotos de todos los Dobermann del foro por Nachoastur.

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judals doberman

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Coin collector Stephen Creswell snapped up what he thinks is a half shekel from Tyre - which dates back to BC - at an auction in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. The coins are believed by Biblical scholars to have been the same as those used to pay Judas Iscariot his 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus. Lost treasure? The coin found by Stephen Creswell, 22, which he believes to be half a shekel from Tyre.

But one expert claims the coin is unlikely to be an original and believes Mr Cresswell might have a 'mock up'.

Was this one of the 30 pieces of silver that Judas betrayed Jesus for?

The battered coin weighs 7. The earliest reference of the coin comes in BC and it is understood that they remained in circulation. Shekels were used for temple tax in ancient Jerusalem due to their relatively higher concentration of silver than other Roman coins. In Matthew it is said: 'Then when Judas, who had betrayed Him, saw that He had been condemned, he felt remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders In some translations of the bible, the word 'silver' is replaced with 'shekels'.

Mr Creswell, from Dudley, West Midlands said that he bought the coin as part of a selection but quickly realised he had 'something special'. He said: 'As soon as I saw how old it was I knew I had something special on my hands. I had no idea what it was though until I typed it in to the search engine. But after looking at images of the coin, one expert said he does not believe it to be a shekel as Mr Cresswell had hoped.

Payment: The coins are believed by Biblical scholars to have been the same as those used to pay Judas Iscariot his 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus, illustrated in this image above.

Professional numismatist Mike Vosper told MailOnline: 'I can confirm that this is not even a coin but either a contemporary forgery, although this is doubtful, or more like a modern mock up of a "coin" believed to be some kind of shekel. Mr Vosper, who runs Mike R Vosper Coins with his partner Viv, said it was the fabric of the coin and the fact that it has half its surface missing that gives it away.

Viv added: 'Some coins have surface deposits but nothing like that'. Mr Vosper added that coins such as that is not likely to be found in the UK. Mr Creswell has no intention of selling it on as it reminds me of playing with artifacts when he was younger. He said: 'We had these old coins lying around when I was a kid.

They always fascinated me because of the places they have travelled and the hands they could have passed through. Mr Cresswell started attending auctions as a teenager and said he loved their competitive nature.

He said: 'Bidding against other people is part way between placing a bet and taking part in a competition. My home is full of quirky objects that I've picked up along the way.Health, Temperament, and Confirmation are what we aim to produce! The Doberman makes for a very devoted and loyal companion. With a firm and loving owner, a Doberman will make a wonderful pal and protector of children, a dedicated partner, and loyal friend.

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