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Good infoative article. Everything is fine. It's relevance is not understood by me. These are commercial professor like personalities. Any way great Hare R hare Krishna.

The significance of Rama Nama

Dear Anil Ghanwatji, Let us avoid personal comments! Art Of Living Org. There is no room for any doubt. Name of Lord is like detergent, knowingly or unknowingly whereever it reaches it clears the dirt. Let us recite the name of Lord Sainath Or whom so ever you like without any intention or for benefit of worldly pleasure.

Om Sai Ram. Srimannaryana "Which is your permanent abode? To this. What should be done to overcome the sufferings of. He approached. Lord Brahma for an answer.

Rama Nama Mahimai

As requested by Narada-muni, Lord Brahma advised. Lord Brahma said, " Nama-japa is the best method available. An illiterate peasant from a village came to meet Ramana. I was curious about this villager and why Bhagavan had gone. So, while the discussion continued. I did and how many children I had, etc. I told. He wanted to know the name of the deity. I told Him the name. He then said that. I would receive all the blessings needed. By the above incident we can know the greatness of GOD's.

Devotee : How should i carry on Nama Japa? Bhagvan : One should not use the name of GOD. To use the name of GOD one must call upon Him with.Nama Japa, the constant repetition of the Name of the Lord, is the best antidote to all ills of samsara. It is the most adoptable among all spiritual practices.

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It generates powerful vibrations that purifies and strengthens the reciter. It has been aptly hailed by our saints as the raft to cross the ocean of life.

how to do rama nama japa

Among all spiritual practices, it is considered the most simple and easiest. Even ordinary people benefit from japa. Lord Vishnu illustrates this fact through one of His leelas with Narada.

Narada is shocked and returns to the Lord, who then shows Narada a new born calf and instructs him to do the same, with this calf. Narada is aggrieved thinking, though he was simply doing as instructed, he is now somehow responsible for these deaths. Narada knows what is coming next and is petrified. He begs the Lord to not instruct him to do the same with the baby.

But, the Lord merely smiles and says it is essential that he goes to the baby right away. Narada, standing next to the baby, observes all the auspicious symbols on him.

Why do you hesitate? I have been waiting for you. I was the one who was born as the lowly worm, and by hearing the divine name from a sathguru like you, was freed of all the karmas of a worm.

I also accrued enough punyas that I was born as a calf next. Oh Sathguru! Nama Japa. Related Projects. Veda Parayanam. Dhyana mandapam.Register Login.

One should never abandon chanting this maha-mantra and take toother so-called purificatory processes which are practiced by rascals, orengage in chanting other metrical compositions of the name of Krishna thatare against the pure conclusions of the scriptures, or are filled with rasabhasa.

Having all heard this from Brahma, the sons and disciples of Brahma,beginning with Narada, all accepted the Hare Krishna maha-mantra and,having meditated on it, attained perfection. Please explain the sequence of Hari-nama. The maha-mantra for Kali-yuga bestows all perfection. In this age of Kali, the only means for deliverance is the chanting of the names of Hari.

There is no other way, there is no other way, there is no other way. It contains sixteen names of the Lord, consisting of thirty-two syllables. Chanting this mantra again and again will awaken the sprout of prema within the heart, and thus the goal of life and the means for its attainment is understood. Chant the Hare Krishna mantra. Playing mantra melodies with kantele.

I am confused. Srila Prabhupada chanted RAM. We can hear it clearly in His japa recordings. Please clear this huge doubt. Hi RS, good question! Throughout the vedas the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is referred to as the 32 syllable mantra.

Lord Sri Ranganatha

The most important thing is the instruction of the spiritual master. Srila Prabhupada has instructed us to chant Rama, and that is also backed up by the Vedas themselves, which also instruct us to chant RAMA when we chant the Maha Mantra. Our hearing of Srila Prabhupada may be faulty, we are conditioned souls with the four defects, such as: imperfect senses, we commit so many mistakes, we are illusioned and we have the propensity to cheat.

Take for example offering food to the deity. We offer Bhoga to the deity and we are told that the deity eats it, but yet we see with our imperfect senses the eyes that the foodstuffs are still there after the deity has eaten it.

How are we to understand, it is inconceivable. We must simply accept it because there is no way for our imperfect senses or mind to understand.

So similarly how can we trust our ears we must simply follow the instructions of the spiritual master. Due to being conditioned souls all we can do is simply follow the instructions of Srila Prabhupada as are given in his original authorized books. This is another reason to only read the original books. Because the books that have been edited by conditioned souls with imperfect senses are like milk touched by the lips of the serpent — it has a poisonous effect.His Holiness Sri Sri Swamiji discusses briefly about the significance of Rama Nama as cited in the different scriptures.

The information given here on this glorious Nama is just the tip of the iceberg. Every other mantra in our scriptures have their own names. It helps us cross the cycles of birth and death. Sage Vasishta meditated on the Rama Nama for quite a long time. Hence he wanted to name the Almighty with the same Mantra that he had chanted. We are all aware of the story of the competition between Ganesha and Muruga on who will get the divine fruit. Muruga, angry that the fruit was not given to him, went to Palani.

Tamagawa ts20e12

In order to appease his anger, the competition was conducted again, when Muruga diligently circumambulated his parents on his peacock at great speed. A good teacher is the one who practices what he preaches.

When parents do something noble, would not the son follow the same? Muruga and Ganesha chant the Rama Nama always. Out of the boundless love for Sri Rama, Viswamnitra wanted to gift Him something.

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A sage that he was, he had no worldly possessions, nevertheless, he had performed an abundance of austerities. He initiated Sri Rama with these Mantras. Viswamitra was jealous of the fact that those devatas who could be invoked by him only after severe penances, now appeared the instant Sri Rama chanted their Mantras! Here, when the devatas were invoked, they refused to go back to their abodes. Hence Sri Rama invited one and all of them into his body.

Thus, by merely chanting the Rama Nama, one gets the benefit of invoking all the 33 crores of devatas as well. Generally, people can be divided into two broad categories: the Shaivites, who worship Lord Shiva as the supreme, and the Vaishnavites, who worship Lord Vishnu and His forms as the Supreme Being.

Anyone chanting this Divine Name thus worships both Shiva and Vishnu at the same time. It is the power of that Divine Name that made him establish this Universal Religion of Brotherhood called Hinduism all over the world.

Now let us all chant the Divine Name together. Only that has the power to get us independence.

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All rights reserved. Rishi Manu shows that the Rama Nama has links to all the other mantras that ever exist.Greatness of Nama. The word name has evolved from the Sanskrit word "Nama". Nama or name refers to the name of a person, place or thing. Without a name, unique identification of entities in the world is not possible and without identification communication is not possible and without communication nothing is possible in this world.

The whole world will come to stand still. So is the importance of the Name.

how to do rama nama japa

When you call a person by his name, immediately he responds by some means. God the loving mother of all creatures Movable or immovable will definitely respond to your call. In fact He is waiting for your call… But we never call Him. How do we make our call reach him?

God exists in two forms. The nirguna bhramam being nameless and formless in nature, worshipping or loving the nirguna bhramam is not possible. We humans, beings the highest creation of God cannot do it, no need to mention about other creatures. So, the nirguna bhramam due to its endless love and mercy entered into a stage where in it have numerous forms with numerous names. At this level it is called as Saguna bhramam or Bhagwan. Bhagwan can be loved and worshipped.

how to do rama nama japa

Bhagwan has numerous names, he can be called upon by any names and he can be worshipped in any forms. Among his numerous forms and names, you can choose the name you like. This is called 'Nama Sankeerthanam' chanting of Bhagwan Nama and this is the very dharma prescribed exclusively for this Kali Yuga. This is the Yuga dharma.

In the Kali Yuga, people are incapable of doing any dharmas. The concept of Dharma will lose its foot hold in Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is a period of decadence of all Dharma by all sects of people.

The following are few dhosha gunas that one can easily find in the people in Kali Yuga.

how to do rama nama japa

Virtues like chastity, righteousness and obstinacies would be interpreted according to their own whims and fancies. When Dharma staggers on one leg and retegeted to a corner… When all unrighteous actions gain the upper hand… When men and women abandon all prescribed commandments and rules….

An easy path, the path that is simple and effortless and suited for all human beings in Kali Yuga comes to rescue and deliverance of one and all. It is the recital of Bhagwan Nama. Understanding the helpless state of human being, Bhagwan enforced that in Kali Yuga, Nama Sankeerthanam is the only way to salvation.

Once some of the sages wanted a clarification on whether a simple and easy form of Dharma is capable of bestowing the larger fruits. They came to the great maharishi Vyasa. Vyasa was busy with his ablutions in river Ganges. Knowing about the sages' issue, Vyasa plunged thrice in the water uttering the following words.

Kali is extolled as good because during that period a little effort pays rich dividends. So Vyasa was happy to pronounce it. Then Vyasa clarified the pronouncement that women and Sudraas are also good. A little effort by chanting the bhagawan nama on the part of these people has redeemed them from sins and their actions have become fruitful. All the three are blessed. It is almost impossible to acquire great merits punya in the earlier Yugas but in Kali Yuga in spite of its evil tendencies, there is one great attribute, a redeeming factor, man can attain liberation from bondage through Bhagwan Nama Sankeerthanam.

Chanting of the bhagawan nama also called as Bhajan can be classified as follows.The query was addressed to Sastrigal five times and a reply was expected. Swami did not at all like Sastrigal spending all his time in worldly pursuits and wasting his time instead of seeking to attain spiritual liberation Moksha.

Shall I rid you of your entire ailment? Para-Brahma Creator of the universe is nirmalam without any dirt, i. Detachment from the body, and other desires, conquers death. Self-realization is the only means to develop such a detachment. Hanuman had the blessings of Lord Rama, that enabled him to cross the seas.

It is enough to worship this. One can become spiritually enlightened and attain liberation. Guru Himself is Shiva, and Shiva is the Guru! This was oft mentioned by Swami. Swami was not convinced. Hence, the Guru is more vital than the deity. In the same manner, the Jeevan disappears and only the image of the Para-Brahman remains. Swami appeared in his dream on the third night. Sastrigal saw a flourishing banana plantation.

When describing the style in which one could leave, Swami speedily threw up his hands. He then noticed a few bananas which were red and on the point of getting ripe and the rest were totally unripe. Swami conveyed to Sastrigal the unripe state of his spiritual pursuit and advised him to do Rama Nama Japa to attain liberation.

The dream was as follows:. Sastrigal was doing Rama Nama Japa sitting under a tree. Swami came from behind him brandishing a knife with which to cut him. Sastrigal without getting up was trying by his hands to ward off the above struggle; Swami threw away the knife and laughing boisterously said:. This is absolutely useless. You should totally remove the awareness of the body. In the morning Sastrigal tearfully bowed to the Swami.

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God will take care of all that. Dharma Samsthaapanaarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge. Swami referred to HIS incarnation to remove evil and establish righteousness, and that he would perform the task of wiping out ignorance and instilling spiritual enlightenment in those who sought refuge in HIM. They will confer liberation on those who contemplate them. Do you not know the path to attain liberation? The route consisting of yagas, yoga, etc; is very strenuous.

The path of Bhakthi Divine Love, for a deity is the best.For many years Vandana Mataji used to spend six months of the year in Rishikesh, Himalayas, in prayer, study and dialogue with Hindu masters and sadhakas from India and abroad. With her Guru-behn Ishpriya Mataji, she gives retreats and courses based on yogic spirituality in different parts of the world wherever invited.

She has been spending the rest of the year at Jeevan-Dhara Ashram in Jaiharikhal, Garhwal Himalayas where God-seekers of all denominations are welcomed. With an M. Her special concern has been to promote inculturation of Christian spirituality and theology so that the Church in India may recognize her genuine Indian identity and to absorb the riches of other faiths especially Hinduism.

Her books and many articles have emerged from her own spiritual experience shared with God-seekers in many ashrams both Hindu and Christian. Here she presents us with a study, at once practical and theological, of The Prayer of the Name in the Hindu and Christian traditions.

As Swami Chidananda says, it should be of immense benefit to seekers both in the East and in the West. Nama and Nami are indeed one.

ಮಾಟ ಮಂತ್ರ ಪ್ರಯೋಗ, ಸ್ತ್ರೀ ಶಾಪದಿಂದ ಪ್ರಾಣಾಪಾಯ!!! Mobile no for consultation: +91 94490 01718

This is the central truth upon which the sacred Sadhana and the science of the practice of the Divine Name Japa are firmly based. This mystical identity is the secret of its efficacy and power to confer illumination upon the practitioner. The transforming and enlightening power of the Divine Name is the power of God and no other.

This mystical manifestation or outer expression is referred to in the sacred scriptures of India as Nada-Brahma or Sabda-Brahma. That is, the Divine Reality manifest as Sound or as the "Word" primeval.

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The Divine Name thus becomes the mystical bridge between the finite and Infinite. The Divine Name is the direct link that links up the individual soul with the Universal Soul, the human with the Divine. The faithful practice of the Divine Name may be poetically described as an ascent upon "the ladder from earth to heaven". When the name is received and enshrined in the human heart, God's power works from within to bring about an awakening of the Sadhaka's spiritual consciousness and ultimately confers liberation upon the individual seeker through Divine enlightenment.

Patient and persevering practice with unswerving faith and undivided devotion is the way of attaining success in this path of Japa Yoga. This has been the invariable experience as demonstrated in and through the lives of many renowned mystics Bhaktas of India like Samartha Ramdas, the spiritual preceptor of King Shivaji, Sant Tukaram, Sant Mirabai of Rajasthan and numerous similar others.

This is true even to this day. Sister Vandana is rendering an immense spiritual service to the people of present day world by expounding the great tradition and the practice of this specific Sadhana Path, through this present book "NAMA-JAPA".

This treatise will indeed benefit innumerable seekers upon the path of God all over the world. I wish this valuable book the widest possible circulation which it most certainly deserves in every way. It contains a veritable wealth of valuable book the widest possible circulation which it most certainly deserves in every way.

It contains a veritable wealth of valuable information and instruction culled from numerous authentic sources. It will inspire the readers to adopt this Sadhana into their practical spiritual life. It has given me great pleasure to write this Foreword to this spiritual manual. The Divine Grace of the Almighty Lord and choicest blessings of my worshipful Guru Sri Swami Sivananda and of all the saints and mystics of the East and the West, be upon Sister Vandana, the author and upon all the readers too.

Homage unto the Divine Name.