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Fifty years ago this month, The Beatles made a splash with their self-titled album, which came to be known as the White Album due to its minimalist cover. On Friday, the band released a deluxe version of the groundbreaking double album, filled with outtakes, demos and remastered versions of the songs.

Why me? The Beatles were on their way to breaking up, with members of the band fighting with each other as they recorded the album that was meant to get them to work together again.

This was an album that gathered dust for me growing up. Maybe it was all the country music influences or the darker tone on certain songs.

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Nothing wrong with that. The other Lennon-McCartney originals prove they were still evolving as songwriters they would absolutely flourish on the next album. And it absolutely does that! And of course, it ends with the grand finale: John Lennon, giving what was left of his vocal cords to cover Twist and Shout. It captures the Beatles completely conquering their genre before they would completely obliterate and redefine it on subsequent albums.

This is where the list gets tougher to finish. How do you rank another album without any holes in it this low? This is a band that was ready to push some boundaries.

You know it. I know it. I bet they knew it: There are too many songs that could have been cut to make it a much tighter album. Think about the experience you had listening to this. What a trip. How do you end a decade and a group considered the greatest rock band of all time? This seems right. The lads from Liverpool put their differences aside and made the perfect farewell. Not as great. But that hardly matters. The band shut the door on the first half of its career with Revolverfinished touring, and put together a stunning, innovative collection of sounds, words and images.CD and vinyl box sets have seen an upswing in popularity in the last few years, as physical formats have replaced their digital brethren and cemented their place as the music connoisseur's choice of collectible.

Increased demand has seen a spiralling number of ever-more-creative box set and deluxe options flood the market. These epic offerings are veritable treasure troves for vinyl fanatics, and often add fresh colour to classic albums thanks to stacks of unreleased material, rarities, live cuts and reams of written material.

best remastered albums

Pair them with the best turntables for a vinyl listening experience you won't forget. Vinyl's popularity doesn't show any signs of slowing down any time soon, but are box sets and special editions likely to keep their value? Well, this all depends on a couple of things — one of which is your ability to keep your vinyl collection in tip-top condition.

Also crammed into its wooden cabinet are rings, plectrums and pins inspired by the artwork, lithographs, a book, reproduction flyers and tickets, buttons, and patches.

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This five LP set, backed by an accompanying book, is an accessible avenue along which to explore one of the most important events in the history of music. Its daunting big brother ran to 38 CDs and tracks, so view this as a nice introduction.

Released 50 years ago, prior to Altamont, the album captured the Stones in turmoil but firing on all cylinders. Elsewhere, luxuriate in lithographs, posters and a hardcover book.

Featuring a remastered take on Led Zeppelin IV spread across vinyl and CD, plus a raft of alternate takes, rejigged artwork and a heavyweight box, the magic here is found in fleshing out the nuts and bolts of a release that has achieved mythical status. As well as satisfying diehards, reissues can give bands the chance to reframe contentious episodes in their history.

This huge set from Metallica allows one of their most progressive, difficult LPs time in the spotlight. Released between the twin pillars of Master of Puppets and Metallica following the death of bassist Cliff Burton, here. And Justice For All is remastered across vinyl and CD, with room for live albums, a picture disc, unreleased material, plus tour laminates, patches and prints. Released to some fanfare inthis retrospective provides a thorough look at a vital piece of the US indie-rock jigsaw puzzle.

Throw in a book containing an oral history plus essays by Phair and esteemed cultural critic Ann Powers and you have a dead cert on your hands. Featuring all the 7" singles from the decade, some on 7" vinyl for the first time, this Limited-Edition release offers sixteen 7" black heavyweight vinyl records housed in a rigid lift-off lid box, plus a booklet with quotes and chart history of each single along with a selection of rare foreign covers and memorabilia.

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The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. To adequately answer that question, you have to understand a far more basic query: what is mastering?

best remastered albums

First, a little background. There are many tracks that comprise a song. The drums occupy several tracks, as do the vocals, along with the various other instruments. A recording engineer artfully mixes all those recorded tracks together to create the song. That rainbow-colored jar is the final mix. Pre-digital, the final mix was delivered on actual tape to which the mastering engineer applied final touches to make the recording pop and shine.

Frequencies are important for vinyl because records spin at different speeds in the center than on the outside, so the high frequencies need to be adjusted so the album sounds the same from start to finish. Equalizing the length of side A and side B is vital. Longer sides mean more compromises. Those things take up more physical space on the record. When a mastering engineer was happy, the final master was transferred to analog tape used to press the master disc from which all other records were stamped.

Then came CDs. Make sense so far? That brings us to remastering, which is redoing that whole process again. His version was vastly superior because it sounds cleaner, less harsh and brittle, and more nuanced. Why would you want to remaster an album? It takes more skill to fit that low-end material on a record.It was supposed to be so easy.

We didn't even set ourselves the task of picking the absolutedefinitive best 50 albums for audiophiles, but still it felt close to deciding which of your limbs you'd least mind being torn off by a bear.

We did, however, manage to compile the below list of 50 records and a little further listening for each we feel span genres, styles of production and sonic character rather well.

If nothing else, they'll give your hi-fi a workout and, hopefully, broaden your musical horizons at least a little. Following a pair of heavily electronic-infused records in Kid A and AmnesiacRadiohead here effectively returned to being a five-piece guitar band without forgoing the experimentation or genre blurring that made the aforementioned records so comprehensively seminal. Plus initial vinyl pressings played at 45rpm for additional willfulness points.

Like this? Miles Davis made his opinions on the term fusion as a descriptor for this period of his music stingingly clear. Nonetheless, Bitches Brew blended modal jazz with, essentially, a rock rhythm section to rebirth the fomer's position as the wildly influential genre it had always been.

Arguably the poster album for shoegaze, Loveless is a masterpiece combining elephantine riffs with dream-pop haze, awash with reverb and overdriven guitars - and complimented by an equally iconic sleeve of cherry-drop psychedelia.

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Can you really call yourself an audiophile if you don't own a copy of Wish You Were Here? Well, yes, of course you can, but most audiophiles own one regardless. Try Tim Buckley Starsailor. There are of course more experimental and, some might say, more interesting Beatles albums than this. But even if we disregard any sonic value in terms of production, Abbey Road in particular is if nothing else proof that 'straightforward' pop music can and should be art.

Try Big Star 1 Record. If you're going to get Nile Rogers in, then a compressed and radio-friendly recording is never going to cut it. Recorded largely using live instruments, Random Access Memories is one of the few chart-topping dance albums that facilitates, in fact demands, deeper listening.

Try Tame Impala Currents. Where others can falter in combining hits with poignancy, however, Berry, Stipe, Buck and Mills here created a timelessly beautiful and pensive record. Buy it on Amazon: R. Automatic For The People. Their being so prolific has made The Flaming Lips' discography difficult to navigate for those who are only now being introduced, but The Soft Bulletin is a sonic photograph of the band at their best: an expansive and eclectic pallet of musical and lyrical brilliance.

An innovative melting pot of funk, gospel and soul, Innervisions is a record whose production toes the line marvellously between precision and abandon with ballerina-like poise. Buy it on Amazon: Stevie Wonder Innervisions. Try Curtis Mayfield Superfly. So smooth and smoky is In The Wee Small Hoursit paints sonically the same picture of streetlights and cigarettes adorning the sleeve.

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Try Peggy Lee Black Coffee. Does Gaye's soulful satin vocal, soaring as it does above What's Going On 's spacious jazz- and blues-drenched arrangements, belie somewhat this remarkable record's themes of social injustice?

Remastered CDs which represent biggest improvement

Or does it elevate those messages beyond the realms of the archetypal political concept record? We could imagine Holst leaving us a nasty Facebook comment when he saw The Planets on this list, given how much he despised its popularity.

Our apologies Gustav, but few classical suites cover so broad a spectrum of mood and tonality as this.

best remastered albums

Some have theorised The Planets also serves as an allegory for the tumult of life itself. Though his father took him out of school early, Eric Bibb could hardly have had a better education in terms of music, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bob Dylan and Taj Mahal.

Spirit and The Blues is a virtuoso catalogue of Bibb's signature slide and fingerpicking playing, and blues- and gospel-steeped vocal.Listening to these albums through high quality audio gear can be an horrific assault on the lugholes, which is why audiophiles seek out albums that have been mastered with a wider dynamic range.

And here are some of our favourites. Stream it at Spotify here. The third LP from London singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka showcases an artist on a spectacular upward trajectory. Buy Titanic Rising from Band Camp here.

Harvest it most certainly is not. But here, presented in the concert context with jokey stage banter intact, those same songs and a couple of others take on a livelier, more vibrant tone — this is a party, not a wake for departed friends. Few albums about death sound as vital and life-affirming as this one.

Download Funeral Stream it on Spotify here. But you can tell every single note on A Deeper Understanding has been recorded and re-recorded until it sounds exactly right, with slightly more focus on shimmering synths than their previous records. Download A Deeper Understanding Download Damn.

A genuine all-time classic. With a guest list that includes both Kenny Loggins of Top Gun soundtrack fame and Wiz Khalifa, you should press play on Drunk with your expectations left at the door. Download Drunk Or stream it on Spotify here.

The net effect is a modern wall of sound, at once hypnotic and chaotic, dreamy and thunderous, urgent and woozy. Download Loveless Not so Download Download A Moon Shaped Pool 24bit here.

All nine of its songs flow into one another and it ends with a reprise of its opening theme, all the better to tell the story of a Vietnam veteran who has come home from war to see his country in a new light. Gaye tackles poverty, drug addiction and even environmental issues not through angry political rants but from the point of a dismayed man who believes love — not more hatred and violence — is the answer.

As a recording the album exhibits a rare spaciousness, with each element able to be picked out clearly. Download What's Going On And this is one of them. That song is one of several covers performed by a band who appear to have consciously avoid picking their biggest hits for the acoustic treatment. Inalong with most Beatles albums, it was remastered and rereleasedand this version is considered the best in terms of audio quality. Stream Abbey Road on Spotify here.

There are landscapes conjured by this record, and they are vast. Download Bon Iver The tracks are arranged and recorded with a rare perfectionism Springfield ended up re-recording all her vocals in New York because she was unhappy with the Memphis takes and the songs hit a sweet spot between soul and pop that suggests Dusty was way ahead of her time. While Untrue is not an album with any daylight in it, it's a long way from The Dark Side of the Moon.Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by Scott6Apr 10, Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: UK. Apologises if there is already a live thread but I am curious as to what people think are the best ever CD remasters. An album that when re-released was simply a huge upgrade and a thousand times better than any previous version. I remember buying the CD of Frank Zappa's Burnt Weeny Sandwich a couple of years back and was blown away by how good it sounded compared with the previous 90's version I previously owned.

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Scott6Apr 10, Location: NYC. George PApr 10, Location: Collingswood, NJ. Adam9 and joelee like this. Location: Midwestern US. Most of the Pink Floyd remasters. Especially Animals and Saucerful.

best remastered albums

Also the Zappa that I have heard. BrentBApr 10, Location: Denmark. Last edited: Apr 10, Location: London. Neil Young's remasters are very good. I like Steve Hoffman's Highway 61 Revisited, which is still the definitive version as far as I'm concerned. Steve Hoffman's Buddy Holly compilation cd from many, many years ago was way ahead of it's time.

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Mbd77Apr 10, Location: California. Tom Petty Wildflower hi-res download is a big improvement over the CD. Location: Tamiami Trail. My system loves the Steely Dan remasters. MainlineApr 10, Location: Cape Town.

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JonboyApr 10, Location: Fonthill, Ontario. Dennis MetzApr 10, Location: Mass. Hotel California DCC. George Ptedg65 and audiomixer like this. Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Merchantville NJ. One that blows me away every time I listen to it is the Audio Fidelity edition of Yes' I don't know what he did, but it's like discovering the album for the first time. BrewDrinkRepeatApr 11, Location: Brighton,Colorado. Location: Greater Vancouver. DaveApr 11, Location: Nashville,Tn.

Location: New York City. Location: Finland. SammyJoeApr 11, Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

The Best Reissues Of 2018

MohojoApr 11, Location: Midsouth. Demolition ManApr 11, Location: USA. It's well worth upgrading just for that, but also the bonus tracks are good. PaulKTFApr 11, Location: Czech republic. Bob Dylan. GowGApr 11, Location: Australia. Matt EllersApr 11, Location: Northport Ny I like the mono Dylan albums too Forgot to add The Cure to my list earlier Location: Newmarket, United Kingdom.